Routed-4-U has been providing custom CNC routing in the Madison Wisconsin area since 1983. In 1998 a 100 watt C02 laser was added enabling Routed-4-U to offer some of  the   most precise laser cutting and laser engraving available. Laser-4-U is a division of Routed-4-U that handles all CNC routing, laser cutting, etching and engraving.

Almost any nonmetallic material can be engraved or cut and almost any metallic material can be etched. Whether you provide the material, or we provide it, your custom pieces will be expertly produced with precision only a laser can provide. 

Most drawing formats can be accepted. Auto Cad images, Corel Draw or images from just about any other Paint type program can be used.

Equipment used:

Heian CNC Router (4 head)

Heian CNC Router (2 head)

Kern Laser (100 watt Dual head C02)

Epilog Engraving Laser

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